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H.S. Rouse was Vice-Commodore of the Hong Kong Yacht Club and had raced yachts of his own design in 1928-9 against the pioneering yacht designer John Illingworth, who was then serving as a Lt. Cdr. with the British Royal Navy's submarine flotilla and racing his gaff yawl 'Queen Bee'.

Before the outbreak of the Second World War and the end of the British Empire, "Uncle Rouse", as Illingworth called him, designed a series of fast cruising yachts for men on the China Station. By 1959 ten Rouse yachts were still listed in Lloyds 1959 Register of Yachts.

Two of them 'Tzu Hang' and 'Tai-Mo-Shan' were to become famous in the post-war era and at least half a dozen have survived into the second millennium.

'Tzu Hang' a 46 foot ketch, built by Hop Kee in 1938 is famous for fifteen years of world cruising with Miles and Beryl Smeeton and underwent a pitch poling and later capsize off Cape Horn in 1956 during two separate attemps to round Cape Horn.

Rouse's own 47 foot cutter, 'Golden Dragon' was completed in 1938 at Wing On Shing yard, and raced in Europe after the war. Sailing off the Crouch in 1970, she won the Houghton Cup, Britain's oldest offshore race. 'Golden Dragon' was also owned by the naval historian Dudley Pope, author of the Lord Ramage novels.

Another survivor has been 'Mairi Bhán', a 26-foot sloop from Hung, Hom Hop-Kee & Co., built in teak with an iroko keel and a 2 tonne cast iron tear drop keel. 'Mairi Bhán' survived some years in the long grass outside No. 1 Coastguard House on the headland above Penmon Point, on the Isle of Anglesey, before being bought and rescued by Mike "Mac" MacNamara. "Mac", at age 75, was sailing Mairi Bhán, aged 62, in the River Mersey in the year 2001, berthing her in Liverpool Marina.


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